Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques

(Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, 1994

Government Order

S.No. GO No. Date Title Attachment
146204-01-2023Nodal officer of health and family welfare department for court cases. Shree Ved Prakash Sharma, Special Secretary appointed as Nodal officer of Medical Health and Family welfare department for Court Cases
 PDF | Size: 106 KB
239329-11-2022Letter regarding registration for CT & MRI Centers and as such type machine.
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3421/91-202024-11-2020जनहित गारन्टी अधिनियम सम्बन्ध में।
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431729-06-20206 Months Amended Training Rules
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5341/पांच -9-2019-6(74)/94TC-114-06-2019लिंग चयन प्रतिषेध अधिनियम 1994 की धारा 17 की उपधारा 6 के सम्बन्ध में
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6715/पांच-9-2019-6(74)/94TC-114-06-2019सचिव, चिकित्सा, स्वास्थ्य एवं परिवार कल्याण, उत्तर प्रदेश शासन को अपीलीय अधिकारी नियुक्त किये जाने के सम्बन्ध में
 PDF | Size: 91 KB | Lang: Hindi
7111004626-10-2018Clarification regarding maintenance of records for the Genetic Clinic /Ultrasound Clinic Imaging Center that do not use diagnostic techniques with potential of sex selection/ determination for Pre- conception and Pre-natal diagnostic unde PC&PNDT Act, 1994 and Rules thereof regs.
 PDF | Size: 638 KB | Lang: Hindi
83020/5-9-2007-9(74)-94-TC30-11-2017डॉ० एस० एस० श्रीवास्तव महानिदेशक जी के सेवानिवृत होने के सम्बन्ध में
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9607/पांच -9-2017-6(74)/94TC-118-10-2017स्टेट सुपरवाइजरी बोर्ड उ०प्र० के सम्बन्ध में
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1037/2017/383/Five-9-2017-9(37)/201723-06-2017Mukhbir Yojna
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11V.II0II/07/2015-PCPNDT30-09-2016Qualification for using diagnostic procedures/techniques including Ultrasound Machines for Veterinary Doctors - reg.
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1212011/25/2014-PNDT09-10-2014Registration of IVF/ART Centres/Clinics under PC&PNDT Act, 1994 Issuance of guidelines reg.
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1386/part-II Section-3 sub section-124-02-2014Govt. of India Notification dated 24-02-2014
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141110-01-20146 Months Training Rules
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1511/part-II Section-3 sub section-109-01-2014Six Months Training Rules
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16109/13-1428-09-2013Chief Secretary Directions
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1734904-03-2013Supreme Court Order dated 4-3-2013
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18103/five-9-2013(74)/94TC08-02-2013Sub District Level Appropraite Authority
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19103/पांच -9-2013-6(74)/94TC08-02-2013लिंग चयन प्रतिषेध अधिनियम 1994 की धारा 17 के सम्बन्ध में
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20254/part-II Section-3 sub section-104-06-2012GOI's Notification 04-06-2012
 PDF | Size: 0 KB | Lang: Hindi
2157/part-II Section-3 sub section-107-02-2012GOI's Notification
 PDF | Size: 416 KB | Lang: Hindi
22290/part-II Section-3 sub section-131-05-2011GOI's Notification dated 31-5-2011
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233020/5-9-2007-6(74)-94-TC30-11-2007SAA/ DAA
 PDF | Size: 2 MB | Lang: Hindi